Do you offer trials?

Your first Rabbit Hole class is on us! Please email us at info@therabbitholesf.com and let us know that you'd like to try out a class. We will need to know which class and the name of your little one. Parents must stay in the class if it's a trail class. Due to prepping our classes please do not show up to a class without first letting us know you will be there.

What makes the Rabbit Hole different then other performing art spaces?

Here, we focus a lot less on technique and spend more time in play. Kids will not be told what to say or how to move but instead we will pull ideas that come from inside of them to create all our theatrical adventures, songs or dances.

Do you prorate?

If you'd like to join the session but missed some classes we are happy to prorate. However please DO NOT buy the whole session and then ask for a refund for the missed classes. Simply email us with the class you'd like to join and we will email you with your promocode to enter to receive your prorate.

What's your refund policy?

We are very thankful that you support our local business and for understanding that due to our small size we do not issue refunds once something has been purchased. However, if you are unable to attend something you paid for, you will receive full credit for any future rabbit hole activity. Expectations can be made under certain circumstances.

Can parents stay and watch a class?

If your child is 4 or under you're more then welcome to stay and watch. We kindly ask that you wait in the parents area. If your child is 5 or older you're more then welcome to stay and watch the first class but then we kindly ask that you step out. This helps the flow of class and allows children a little more freedom to dive into play! All camps are drop off.


We only offer street parking. Please do NOT park in front of our neighbor's driveway and make sure to plan ahead.

What should my kid wear?

All clothes should be something your kids can move around in but most importantly something they feel empowered in! Costumes are always welcome. It's all about their self expression!

Are you gender expansive?

We work hard to make sure kids feel the freedom to dress up and be anything they like to be. Yes, we have lots of dresses and super hero capes but we love flipping the script on what's traditional. All kids will be free to wear whatever sparks them that day and we will stay clear from any language that encourages anything gender specific.

My kid tends to be shy, is it still ok if they sign up?

We love to have all types of kids at the Rabbit Hole and it's 100% fine if they are shy. Theater is a wonderful umbrella for all types of creativity. Your kid will be encouraged to participate in a safe and loving way. It's always ok to pass on games until they are excited and ready. We find the creative wheels may be turning in their heads even if it takes a while to come out.

Which park do you go to?

Noe Valley Courts or Douglass Park.

If we have more then 5 kids we wear matching green shirts for every time we go outside. 


We are a NUT FREE STUDIO and we do our best to keep the studio allergy free. Please let us know if your child is allergic or uses an epipen. All our staff is CPR certifed. However, if your child suffers any allergies you must let staff know ahead of time.

For a full camp day what is the ratio of teachers to students?

We offer one teacher for every six kids.

Teacher credentials?

The Rabbit Hole is filled with lead teacher and teacher assistants that are all connected to the arts community and have plenty of experience working with children. Our staff is filled with actors, artists, dancers and musicians! All staff is backround checked and cpr certified before they can teach.

Are you hiring team members?

The Rabbit Hole is always looking for creative people to become part of our team. If you're interested in becoming a staff member please contact brooke@therabbitholesf.com