Our Staff

Brooke Wallace, headshot of Director of Wonder + Founder of The Rabbit Hole

Brooke Wallace is our Director of Wonder + Founder

Hello! I’m Brooke and I’m the founder of The Rabbit Hole Children’s Theater! I’ve been performing my whole life and received my training studying Musical Theater at The American Musical Dramatic Academy, in New York City. I’ve always been someone who lived inside my imagination and I was extremely lucky to find an outlet where using this part of yourself is celebrated. I have been working with children my whole life and I worry that many kids are being pushed out of their artistic freedom. My mission is to provide a safe place for little ones to explore their curiosity and be nurtured in their unique voice. My classes are centered around theatrical play, curiosity and the joy of make believe. At The Rabbit Hole we worry less about perfection and spend time falling in love with the creative process. Theater is a wonderful outlet for imaginative play, self expression and the magic of wonder! It’s been a dream come true watching your little ones fall in love with The Rabbit Hole.

Strider Patton, headshot of Creative design, community outreach, teacher of The Rabbit Hole

Strider Patton is our Creative design, community outreach, teacher

“Hi! My name is Strider and I hold a few roles at The Rabbit Hole - creative design, community outreach, and teacher. I am a full time artist and anthropologist who believes wholeheartedly in the power of
creativity and self expression, and the importance of introducing this at a young age. I’ve been working with kids pretty much my whole life and love weaving together art, culture, and compassion in my teaching
role. When I’m not teaching, communicating, or creating art for The Rabbit Hole, you can find me painting murals and building sculptures around the Bay Area.”

Meryl Theo Press, headshot of Teaching Artist for Little Imaginations and Bunny Ballet!  of The Rabbit Hole

Meryl Theo Press is our Teaching Artist for Little Imaginations and Bunny Ballet!

Meryl is right at home in the rich imaginary worlds of children and still inhabits a multiverse of ever shifting possibilities. She is known to speak in funny accents and sing lines of ordinary conversation without realizing it. In her own time, you will find Meryl on stage singing all kinds of music, from vintage soul to Black Sabbath, or working on a coloring book inspired by the drawings she makes for her four and half year old daughter. It will be her pleasure to honor each child’s unique point of view and expression as they play and create here at The Rabbit Hole.

Mary Mailhot, headshot of Teaching Artist for Little Imaginations of The Rabbit Hole

Mary Mailhot is our Teaching Artist for Little Imaginations

Mary Mailhot is a Singer, Musician, Dancer, and Performer. Five years ago, Mary moved from Brooklyn to Oakland to pursue music, dance and art. Since she was a child Mary has been performing in plays, musicals and ballets/dance performances. She holds a double major B.A in Literature and Dance from The New School University. After graduating, she helped start an experimental theatre group, Everywhere Theater Group in NYC, performing and choreographing for the group. She also pursued dance and theater. Over the past seven years, she has been writing music passionately. Last year, she started a band called, Honey and The Emperor. In the fall of last year, she released her debut Album, La Mer. Mary is also an advanced yoga teacher, and Reiki one certified. She teaches yoga at The Working Body Oakland.

She is thrilled to be a part of The Rabbit Hole team. ‘It is an absolute joy to share the gifts of art, music, dance and theater to kids. The creative arts have always been my heart, passion and breathe. These practices have helped heal and carry me into this magical life. I believe with these creative modalities are a beautiful way to develop unique expression, uplift the individual and community. Thank you Brooke for starting this special place for children to grow their creativity and imagination.’

Colleen Breen, headshot of Teaching Artist for Little Imaginations of The Rabbit Hole

Colleen Breen is our Teaching Artist for Little Imaginations

Colleen is excited to be apart of The Rabbit Hole family. Colleen hails from Chicago where she performed and taught Improv and Theater to students of all ages for the past 11 years. She also has years of experience working in Montessori schools as an educator and director. She looks forward to creating magic and joy with our students and talented staff.

Sarah Wilcok, headshot of Teaching Artist for Little Imaginations of The Rabbit Hole

Sarah Wilcok is our Teaching Artist for Little Imaginations

Sarah is a writer at heart, and is passionate about helping children express their creativity in authentic, unique ways. The arts were always a part of her life, from creative writing to theatre, and playing piano for 9 years. Sarah was in the classroom helping with children from a very young age, assisting in preschool and elementary classrooms and working summer camps almost every year. Now, Sarah fills her life with work that helps children and adults find their authentic voice, share their message, and express their creativity in the world. She’s so excited to be involved in this magical space where children can grow through imagination and self-expression!

Yasmin Hussein, headshot of Teaching Artist for Little Imaginations of The Rabbit Hole

Yasmin Hussein is our Teaching Artist for Little Imaginations

Yasmin is an artist, teacher, and professional face painter located in San Francisco. Before settling into the city she received degrees in Fine Art and the History of Art & Visual Culture at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has worked in local art spaces such as the de Young Museum, Southern Exposure, and the Adobe Books Backroom Gallery, where she has supported artists (young and experienced) in fulfilling their creative goals. Yasmin has been working with children for over 6 years and continues to be inspired by their blissful and energetic imaginations. She loves teaching at the Rabbit Hole because it is a space where self-expression and empowerment blossom out of practices of playfulness and creativity.

Natalie Duong, headshot of Dance Instructor of The Rabbit Hole

Natalie Duong is our Dance Instructor

Natalie Duong began training in dance at South Bay Dance Center in San Jose, CA in 2008 and has since studied a variety of dance styles including ballet, jazz, tap, and modern. She received a B.S. in Bio engineering (2017) from Santa Clara University where she also minored in dance. At Santa Clara University, she served as a founding officer of the Santa Clara Dance Coalition and performed and choreographed in numerous shows including Choreographer’s Gallery, Images, Senior Recitals, Abydos, SCULive and Chicago. She currently dances for 2 local contemporary companies: for change dance collective and Kusanovich Dance Company.

Natalie loves telling stories with dance! She has played the Sugar Plum Fairy and Snow Queen in The Nutcracker and Swanilda in Coppelia. She is also dedicated to using the art of dance to promote social justice, having created dances about ethics and gender equality.She can’t wait to share her love of dance with her students!

Ella Cooley, headshot of Teaching Artist for Little Imaginations of The Rabbit Hole

Ella Cooley is our Teaching Artist for Little Imaginations

Ella is a musician, theatre-maker, and lover of all things whimsical. She has been performing since she was a child, and received her degree in Theatre Arts from UC Santa Cruz before coming to San Francisco to focus on making music. She has been singing primarily with a neo-soul band based in Oakland, and also works as a freelance sound designer at local theaters. Ella teaches parent-child group music classes and works as the office manager for a small theater in the Mission. She loves to explore the overlap between all of these worlds, and especially loves working with children! It’s a treat getting to create with The Rabbit Hole kids every week, and she treasures her time in class with your children!