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During a time when theaters around the world are dark and arts programing is being cut we are here for you! We are partnering with schools, organization and families across the country to bring the magic of our programming directly to you. Below are ways you can work directly with us to keep arts education in the minds and hearts of our youth and support the next generation of creative thinkers!


Support your employee’s families by investing in our home-to-home theatrical arts programming. We deliver hand made kits directly to your company! Kits are built by our teachers with years of classroom experience and designed to spark the depths of kiddos imaginations! During a time when kids have less access to arts education, we have developed a very unique program that will bring joy, creativity, and magic to children all over!

If you buy 12 or more kits you will receive 15% off your order.

Bunny Boxes are make-believe kits that are filled with 6 – 7 art projects that all turn into play, a video made by our theater teachers, and a note from a magical character. $30.00 a box. Choose our Royal Bakeshop Theme, Cosmic Rangers, Adventure Camping, Ice Cream Parlor, or The Enchanted Ball!

Bunny Boxes are make-believe kits that are filled with 6 – 7 art projects that all turn into play, a video made by our theater teachers and a note from a magical character. $30.00 a box. Choose our Royal Bakeshop Theme, Cosmic Rangers, Adventure Camping, Ice Cream Parlor or The Enchanted Ball!

175.00 a kit: Our most popular item! This is a great way to keep the magic of theater alive. A kit comes with 5 to 6 set and prop projects, one full audio show for the kids to act out with, song and dance video tutorials, and creative themes you won’t find anywhere else. Choose the following show kits: The Rainbow Jungle, Dessert Island, Magic Mirror, Dream Explores, Space Cafe, or Mermaid Tales.

School/Homeschool Partnerships

During a global pandemic we understand how challenging working in the classroom can be. Between practicing social distancing, maintaining strict hygiene protocol and many other challenges teachers will be facing they need our support now more than ever! Over the last 7 years we have developed a one of a kind theatrical arts program, that is rooted in celebrating the process of creating. Support your teachers by investing in our lesson plans so they can still bring the magic of the arts to their classroom in one easy way!

Here you will find everything you need to help kiddos connect deeply with their creativity, discover the depths of their imagination and marvel at the positive impact you will gain when connecting with children through play! This book is filled with tips and tricks from years of theatrical training combined with years devoted in the classroom. Our mission is to provide you and your kiddos a purposeful playtime adventure that can have the potential to be everlasting impact. We provide 12 Lesson Plans, Recorded Audio of TRH Games to play in your classroom setting, Videos of teachers singing and playing games,Our one of kind: How to set up Theatrical Play Method

Best of the best! This is a fun away to provide theater and art in one easy way! We will provide your teacher with a 6 week series of different theater props that spark projects and have matching theater games! Email us with the number of students and location and we will put together a cost for you.


Looking for ways to help keep arts education alive during a time when programs and theaters are being cut? Join our scholarship programming and sponsor families, organizations, and schools in need. We work one on one with communities to provide an outlet in theatrical arts.  Please let us know if you have a family, organization in mind or learn about different organizations you can support!

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“We really enjoyed the Dessert Islands concept and videos were great! Our daughter loved it and gave us a great performance. We’ve recommended Rabbit Hole to other families. Keep up the great work!”

As a Preschool Teacher and Nana of 6 grandchildren I can not express how amazing our bunny boxes were enjoyed by my crew of little peeps. I basically just presented the activity and the children directed the play. Loved how they really worked together as a group on engineering, manipulative and cognitive skills, expressing themselves in art and music. Each child totally engaged.  Who knew a little box could bring so much light to a day! Thank you Rabbit Hole!

Preschool teacher

The girls love all the crafts and I love overhearing their creative play. Brava!

Mom of a 5 and 8 year old

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