Are you looking for a place to create a birthday your little one will never forget?

Look no further, The Rabbit Hole Theater Company is here to help! We specialize in creating magical experiences fueled by children’s imaginations. Theatrical Play is critical in our mission and we try to be as immersive as possible to transport party guests into an imaginary world for an unforgettable experience! Please email for more info.

The Rabbit Hole To Go Parties!!

Looking for a creative new way to make your kiddos birthday truly magical? Our To-Go Parties are designed to bring all the wonder you find here at the studio directly to you! We are offering three speciality themes that come with customized  play kits for all of your party guests. Kits can be used to spread out at the park, enjoy in your backyard or gather together over a zoom call! Want to bring the part to the next level? Check out our amazing add-ons!
  • Ages 3 – 7
  • $30.00 dollars per kit. Minimum of 10
  • Free Pick up window at Studio
  • Delivery cost TBA of location

Choose a Theme!

  1. Wings
  2. Wands
  3. Woodland fairy house
  4. Party Crown  
  5. Bag of Materials Including: 
    • Water color paint set 
    • stickers
    • crayons 
    • gems
  1. MagicalFairy Dust
  2. A gift made by fairy Primrose for the guest of Honor!
  1. Jet packs 
  2. Control Panel 
  3. Helmet
  4. Party Crowns 
  5. Bag of Materials Including: 
    • Water color paints
    • Crayons 
    • Stickers 
    • Gems
  1. Magical Star dust 
  2. A gift made by Astronaut Trash Mouse for the guest of honor
  1. Treasure Chest 
  2. Ship Anchor and Wheel 
  3. Treasure Map 
  4. Party Crowns 
  5. Bag of Materials Including: 
    • Water color paints
    • Crayons 
    • Stickers 
    • Gems
  1. Mermaid Magic Dust  
  2. A gift made by Mermaid Coralia


  1. A recorded Birthday Wish from Fairy Primrose, Astronaut Trash Mouse, or Mermaid Coralia for $45.00 
  2. Pre-recored puppet show $85.00 
  3. 40 min Rabbit Hole Teacher hosted over Zoom $100.00 
  4. 40 min Magical Character hosted over zoom $130.00 

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